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About Hyosung Motors



Hyosung Motorcycles were originally known in nineteen seventy eight as a division created by the The Hyosung company Suite of companies.

This company operates as a most South Korean sort of companies with divisions which scale from engineering to monetary services.

The Hyosung company initiated making Suzuki motor bike models below permission from the Suzuki company for the local market the region of Changwon, Korea in the late 1970s.

Around 1986, Hyosung founded their own R&D hub in Hamamatsu, Japan, and the close pace, hyosung prompt large-scale manufacturing of their designs.

Hyosung were selected as the exclusive motorbike provider for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, The company motorcycles and scooters enjoyed a summit in immortalization at that time.

During 2003, Hyosung Motors & Equipment Inc. was separated from the Hyosung Aggregation and became a separate entity. In Summer 2007, The Hyosung company Motors Division was acquired by fresh Korean conglomerate, S&T Collection ( Science and Technology ), and the denomination changed to S&T Motors, though most models are still intent underneath the The company name.

S&T Group is the third owner of the Hyosung brand in the last few years.

In 2014 S&T Motors was acquired by Kolao Holdings, and the name was changed to KR Motors.

Today, Hyosung motorcycles can be bought or have been bought in virtually all areas throughout United States and Canada, Central and south america, The european union, along with Australia.

The latter is among the top selling nations for The company motorcycles and scooters, where the sportbike 250cc displacement models rank amongst the most popular models. Though that is not typical, the majority of The company motorcycles experience los sale volumes in most countries where these models are sold under many names, including S&T Motors in South Korea, Naza Blade in Malaysia, United Motors and ATK in the North America., and Kazinski in Brazil. The organization has often been criticized for improper or absence of " brand loyalty " for their high - quality motorcycles, which in turn prompted loads of confusion with riders all over the world and has deter the company or brand to fully take off. Nonetheless, economic problems and several ownership changes throughout the years have forced the business to take these different branding relationships in order to survive and continue manufacturing models..

Hyosung 's top selling and successful designs are the Aquila GV250 cruiser motorbike, GV650 cruiser, GT250R sportbike, and GT650R sportbike, and most recently the ST7 cruiser. However the company does make various other products, such as 50 through 250cc scooters, and 50, 90, and 450cc ATVs. The TE450S Atv has a potent engine and compares confidently to other models in its class. In 2010 S&T Motors updated virtually all models to electronic fuel injection as well making some cosmetic touches on the sport bike models. Most The company models enjoy a very good level of quality though technology is often a few years back and design changes are few and far in between compared to the top Asian brands such as Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, and Yamaha. All models are well priced ( below Asian counterparts ) in most markets and make excellent and affordable beginner bikes for many The company riders worldwide. Depending on the country where you purchase your Hyosung motorcycle, getting parts and quality service may or not be difficult, but in most cases access to parts and accessories makes for a more enjoyable experience with your The Hyosung company.

The company motorcycles have been ridden around the world for well over thirty years, despite the speculations and the turmoil the company has faced throughout the years, there are not signs that The Hyosung company motorcycles will ever cease production.



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