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The debate on Hyosung Engine Oil Change Interval or any other vehicles will never end. Some recommends every 3000KM, 5000KM or some said it depends on type of Engine oil that you used.  Do you really have to change your engine oil frequently? Is it all about individual preferences?

Based on Hyosung manual, it says to change your motorcycle engine oil very 6000KM. Is this true? How many of you really follow this?

The recommended interval by the OEM is highly optimistic and debatable. Based on the feedback I’ve received, On the 250cc Hyosung,  the oil is too thin after 3000km and requires changing. On the 650c every 4000km. Thin oil results in difficult gear changes, hard to find neutral and less engine protection and noisier and hotter running. When you find such issues, I would suggest that you change your Engine oil even if you’ve not reach it’s 6000KM OEM interval change recommendation.

Another factor that you need to consider is the weather, how aggressive you ride and type of engine oil you’re using. i.e. Mineral, Semi or Fully synthetic. Also, depending on the place you store your bike, the oil can get contaminated by moisture, like in a cold garage or outside all winter. Having clean oil in an engine should theoretically decrease the chance of damage. Below are just the basic guide lines but it is all depends on your preferences.

Mineral Oil: Every 2000-3000KM

Semi-Synthetic: Every 4000-6000KM

Fully-Synthetic: Every 6000KM or more.

Personally I change my Hyosung engine oil every 5500KM as I believe my motor oil should be good enough up to 6000KM or more but I always inspect them. Also changing Engine oil quite frequently will only cost you more and it will not be environmental friendly as the more you change, they will be more waste.

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